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10 Recipes to Up Your Tailgate Game

Take your tailgate party to the next level with these recipes from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Football pre-season is underway, and that means tailgate parties! While you cheer for your favorite team, you need something delicious to snack on. If you’re tired of the same dips and wings at every tailgate party, look no further. Blain’s Farm & Fleet has put together some new recipes for you to try out(…)

Make a Football Field Table

Turn your snack table into a football field table with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Running low on football party ideas? Celebrate your kickoff cook-off by turning your table into an authentic looking football field. This quick and easy project will help to rally everybody for the big game. Follow these simple steps to make your own football field table with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. How to Make a Football Field(…)

Smoker Recipes for Your Next Cookout

Try some of these smoker recipes from Blain’s Farm & Fleet for your next cookout. A smoker adds a smoky flavor to your food, different than a grill or oven. While using a smoker requires quite a bit of time and some patience, it’s worth it for the distinct flavor you can only get from a smoker. If you’re looking for something new to serve at your backyard cookout or tailgate,(…)

Tips for Grilling Pizza

Follow these simple tips for grilling pizza from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Whether you’re backyard barbecuing or tailgating, nothing beats food on the grill. This is especially true for one of everyone’s favorites–pizza! Grilling pizza is easier than you think, and a hot grill can really bring out the pizza’s flavor. Get ready for your next grill party with these simple tips for grilling pizza from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.(…)

Football Food for Your Slow Cooker

Get ready for the big game with these football food slow cooker recipes. When you’re having everybody over for the big game, the most important part–besides the score–is the food. Whether it’s the big game or your favorite team is getting warmed up during the pre-season, nothing beats football food in a slow cooker. Give your fellow football fans something new to try with these football food slow cooker recipes(…)

Ladder Golf Like a Pro

Learn how to become a pro at ladder golf for your next tailgating party. We all know the game. Few of us know the rules. Follow these official instructions to get the most out of a game of ladder golf. No matter the outcome, ladder golf is sure to be a hit at your next tailgate. Object of the Game Ladder golf consists of two targets in the form of(…)

Grilling For a Tailgate Party

We all love friends, family, food, and fun. That’s why we love tailgating. It can be boiling hot, or freezing cold in that parking lot, but true fans don’t let that bother them. We tailgate in any weather, just like we support our team in any weather. It can’t ruin our tailgate party. But an unprepared grill master could. To make your tailgate party perfect, you’ll obviously need a grill.(…)

Tailgating Made Easy

Start your special event off right with this list of easy tailgating tips. Baseball, football, concerts…whatever the event may be, Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here to help you get everything you need to grill and chill before the big event. Follow these tips and your party will be a hit! Coordinate Your Tailgate Decide who is cooking, driving and what everyone is bringing with them. You don’t need five(…)

Bean Bag Toss Like a Boss

Bean bag toss is the perfect, easy-to-learn game for tailgate parties, barbecues and summer get-togethers! You might know it as corn hole, tailgate toss, bags or bean bag toss, but it’s all the same fun game. Pick up your own bean bag toss game for your family and start having fun! Object of the Game The game of bean bag toss is similar to horseshoes, except it uses bean bags(…)


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