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Tag: Snow Removal

Snowblower Safety Tips

Learn how to safely operate a snowblower with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Snow can be great for sledding, snowboarding and more. When is it not so great? When your driveway and sidewalks are covered in a foot of it. With a snowblower, you can easily and quickly remove snow. However, snowblowers are potentially dangerous machines that need to be used carefully, and with respect for their moving parts. Follow these(…)

How to Put Up a Snow Fence

Learn how to put up a snow fence before the snow really starts to fly. If you live in the Midwest, you know that snow starts early and keeps falling well into the season. While some might find the white, fluffy stuff fun, it can be a real pain when it starts to drift, especially on your driveway. If you have a long driveway or just want to keep the(…)

Proper Light Safety for a Plow Truck

Make sure your plow truck is fully equipped with the proper safety lights. When you’ve decided to buy a plow truck, or add a snow plow onto your existing truck, proper lighting is crucial. Not only does it help light up the roadway so you can see better, but it also helps other drivers see your plow. Regular headlights won’t cut it when you’re using a plow truck. Making your(…)

Find The Right Snow Blower For You

Choose the right snow blower for you with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Making a large purchase, like that of a snow blower, is something most consumers take into heavy consideration. Below are some main things to consider before making a purchase that will keep you out of the snow this winter. Size First thing you want to consider is size. The size of the snow blower you need will depend(…)


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