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Tag: Snow Blowers

Storing Your Snowblower

Follow these tips for storing your snowblower from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. When the last snowflake has fallen and melted away, it’s time to put away the snowblower. It’s important to make sure your snowblower is ready for summer storage. Use this checklist from Blain’s Farm & Fleet to maintain your machine, and ensure that is runs well for you this coming winter. How to Store Your Snowblower: 1. Drain(…)

Snowblower Safety Tips

Learn how to safely operate a snowblower with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Snow can be great for sledding, snowboarding and more. When is it not so great? When your driveway and sidewalks are covered in a foot of it. With a snowblower, you can easily and quickly remove snow. However, snowblowers are potentially dangerous machines that need to be used carefully, and with respect for their moving parts. Follow these(…)

Find The Right Snow Blower For You

Choose the right snow blower for you with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Making a large purchase, like that of a snow blower, is something most consumers take into heavy consideration. Below are some main things to consider before making a purchase that will keep you out of the snow this winter. Size First thing you want to consider is size. The size of the snow blower you need will depend(…)


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