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How to Select the Right Workwear

Learn how to choose the right workwear for any job with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Choosing the right workwear comes down to a few things: season, material and work guidelines. No matter your line of work, at least one of these things will factor into what kind of workwear your choose. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we offer quality men’s workwear and women’s workwear, from brands you trust and love.(…)

Flame Resistant Clothing

Stay safe on the job with the right flame resistant clothing. It’s not just firefighters who need flame resistant clothing. It’s actually worn for a variety of jobs. The clothing’s material has the ability to self-extinguish as the source of ignition is removed. The flame resistant clothing can make the difference between a minor injury and severe burns. Who wears flame resistant clothing? There are plenty of professions that require(…)

Motorcycle Leathers: Know Your Fit

Know what to look for when fitting your motorcycle leathers. When you’re on your motorcycle, it’s very important to wear protective gear. This includes a helmet, leather jacket, leather vest, motorcycle boots and possibly chaps. Not only do you need to wear these things, but you also need to have the right fit. Finding the right fit for your motorcycle leathers will keep you safe and comfortable. Just like any other(…)

Beekeeping Clothing Must-Haves

Collect your honey safely by wearing the right beekeeping clothing. Beekeeping is a fun hobby with sweet rewards. To do it safely, you need the right beekeeping clothing. You want to be comfortable while taking care of your hive, but you also need to protect yourself from getting stung. Find out what you need to do to avoid getting stung, from head to toe. Wear the Right Materials The main thing(…)

Clothing: Get the Best Material

Some of us never look at the labels on our clothing, but we should. The material that a piece of clothing is made of may be the most important thing about it. Knowing what different clothing fabrics do better than others can help you decide which garment to buy next time you shop. There are a few things you should know about the main kinds of clothing fabrics and what(…)

Work Boots: Protect Your Feet

Protect your feet with the right pair of work boots. When you’re on the job, it’s important to keep your feet safe. Whether you’re working construction, a factory or the farm, protecting your feet and toes is a must. Work boots are as important as any other tool you use on the job. When you’re wearing the right work boots, you’ll be able to work comfortably and safely. Here’s what(…)

ANSI Standards For Hi-Vis Clothes

Find out which class of high visibility clothing you will need. High visibility clothing is broken up into three classes. In 2011, the American National Standards Institute passed a revised version of the ANSI/ISEA 107 Standard for High Visibility Public Safety Apparel and Headwear. The ANSI 107 is a collection of guidelines that give instruction about clothing design and reflective materials for workers. It’s meant to increase the visibility of(…)


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