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5 Ways to Use Mason Jars on a Camping Trip

Utilize mason jars on your next camping trip with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. You know mason jars are used for canning food and mason jar crafts. If you really want to get creative, you can even use mason jars when you’re camping. From beverage holders to camping storage solutions, find out five ways to use mason jars on a camping trip with these helpful tips from Blain’s(…)

Preserving Herbs From Your Garden

Learn about the different ways of preserving herbs with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. You’ve worked hard to grow the herbs in your herb garden, and you want to be able to use them year-round. Preserving herbs is easy, and there are actually a few ways you can do it. From freezing them in olive oil to drying them out, preserving herbs only takes a few steps. Blain’s Farm & Fleet(…)

10 Recipes for Mason Jar Salads

Bring your healthy lunch on the go with these recipes for mason jar salads. If you’re sick of bringing the same old leftovers to work for lunch, you’re in luck. Mason jar salads are an easy way to eat a healthy meal on the go. Simply layer the ingredients in a mason jar–or multiple jars if you’re prepping for the whole week–throw them in the fridge, and you’re ready to(…)

DIY Fall Mason Jar Crafts

Add a touch of fall to your home with our fall mason jar crafts. If you’re looking for a unique and creative way to show your love for fall, look no further than fall mason jar crafts. Simple mason jars can be transformed into fall decorations for your home. Plus, they make the perfect homemade gift. We’ve compiled some easy and fun fall mason jar crafts that you can make(…)

Peach Butter Wedding Favors

Follow this simple peach butter recipe to make the perfect mason jar wedding favors! Four simple ingredients are all you need to make delicious peach butter. Your family members are sure to appreciate a taste of summer in the middle of winter when they pull out your peach butter wedding favor. Follow this easy recipe, courtesy of Jen F. from Nashville, Tenn. The recipe will yield four pints of peach(…)

Mason Jar Lanterns DIY

Light up your home and patio with our easy DIY mason jar lanterns. These mason jar lanterns are perfect for parties, wedding decorations or just a night grilling out in the backyard. With just a few materials and steps, your yard will be transformed into an outdoor oasis. These mason jar lanterns also make a great house warming gift for friends or family who appreciate a rustic touch. With a(…)

Mason Jar Vases DIY

Shabby chic is easy with these DIY mason jar vases from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Nothing brightens up a room more than fresh, beautiful flowers. Give your flowers a home and add some rustic charm with easy-to-make mason jar vases. All you need is a mason jar, some paint and a little creativity for a special addition to your home. How to Make Mason Jar Vases 1. Paint the interior(…)

Mason Jar Cookie Kit DIY

Create the perfect homemade holiday gift with a mason jar cookie kit. Gifts in a jar make sweet and simple holiday gifts using just a recipe and mason jars. Try out this delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe, and any other recipes of your choice. Layered baking mixes, brownies, cookies and bath salts make inexpensive, meaningful gifts and the gift tags add a pretty, professional touch. Chocolate Chip Cookie Ingredients for(…)

Canning Gift Basket DIY

Make the gift that keeps on giving with a DIY canning gift basket. If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone, why not put together a fun canning gift basket? Whether they’re a seasoned canner, or want to start canning, you can give them a gift they can actually use. How to Make a Canning Gift Basket 1. One of the best gifts you can put in a canning(…)

Mason Jar Cocktails

Make your next party a smash with these fun and easy mason jar cocktails. Summertime isn’t complete without a party and refreshing drinks. You can give your drink menu a touch of country charm with mason jar cocktails. Not only will the summer cocktails look great, but they’ll taste good, too! Adult Mason Jar Cocktails Brighten up your summer drink menu with these delicious adult mason jar cocktails. 1. Mason(…)


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