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Tag: Maple Sugaring

5 Reasons to Attend a Maple Syrup Festival

Attending a maple syrup festival is fun for the whole family. If you’re interested in making your own maple syrup, the perfect way to start is by attending a maple syrup festival. Not only can you see maple sap gathering in action, but you can learn all about it. Plus, you’ll most likely get to taste some homemade maple syrup. Here are five reasons you should attend a maple syrup(…)

How to Make Maple Syrup Taffy

Learn how to make homemade maple syrup taffy with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. You can take your homemade maple syrup and create another sweet treat: maple syrup taffy. It’s so easy to make, the kids can even get in on the fun.  It’s the perfect treat for a snowy winter day. Learn how to make maple syrup taffy with Blain’s Farm & Fleet with this recipe adapted from the kitchn.(…)

Maple Tree Identification & Mapping

Use our maple tree identification tips to map your maple trees for tapping. Tree mapping and maple tree identification are the first steps to take when you start maple syruping. It’s easiest to identify and map your trees in the summer or fall, when the leaves are in full bloom. By mapping your maple trees, you’ll know which trees you can tap in the winter, and what species of maple(…)

Maple Syrup Equipment Cleanup

When the maple syrup season is over, you will need to properly clean your maple syrup equipment. Tapping trees to make maple syrup is a great way to make a natural sweetener. There are different kinds of trees that can be tapped to make syrup. Birch and black walnut trees can be tapped for maple syrup, along with maple trees. We have taught you what you need to tap maple(…)

Filtering Maple Syrup

Maple syruping, is a fun hobby that can be done with the whole family. After you’ve collected the sap and have processed the sap into syrup, your next step is filtering maple syrup before bottling it. Learn how easy filtering maple syrup can be and what steps to take. Why Filtering Maple Syrup? Filtering maple syrup, is an important process that improves the taste, clarity and color. After the sap(…)

Prime Time for Maple Tree Tapping

Ever wonder where maple syrup comes from? Our very own Kristin Mickelson shares some tips about maple tree tapping with NBC 15 in Madison as maple syruping season gets underway in Wisconsin.

Tapping Birch and Black Walnut Trees for Syrup

There are many trees other than a Maple tree that can be tapped for their sap to make syrup. The two most popular maple alternatives are the Black Walnut and Paper Birch trees. These trees are tapped and their sap is processed in a very similar manner to maple sap. Tapping Black Walnut Trees This tree produces an earthy and robust flavored syrup which is quite unique and yet not(…)

How to Test Maple Syrup Density

Learn about the grading system of maple syrup and maple syrup density. You can enjoy perfect maple syrup all year round by tapping your trees and making your own syrup. Depending on when you collect sap, the maple syrup’s color and taste will vary. Learn about maple syrup grades and maple syrup density with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Grading System The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a maple syrup(…)

How to Make Homemade Maple Syrup

Follow the below instructions to make delicious homemade maple syrup! The Amount of Sap Needed The sap to syrup ratio is approximately 40 to 1. That means it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. For a more precise measurement, use a hydrometer to determine the exact sugar percentage in your sap and divide it by 86 to determine how many gallons of your sap you(…)

Supplies for Maple Sugaring

Learn about maple sugaring, and how you can make your own maple syrup. We have complied the below list of items you will need for successful maple sugaring, so you don’t get stuck in the sap, literally or figuratively. The Maple Tree The most important supply for maple sugaring is your sap source. The tree should be mature, at least 12” in diameter and be free of disease or severe damage.(…)


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