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Frozen Battery Questions Answered

It’s bad enough when your car or truck doesn’t start, but when you find out your battery is frozen solid, now that’s brutal. When your battery freezes, it usually needs to be replaced. Also a frozen battery is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. When the liquid inside the battery freezes, it can break the electrical connections inside and bend the plates. This lowers the battery’s output, often far enough that the(…)

Signs of an Unbalanced Tire

Know the signs of an unbalanced tire and learn why tire balancing is an essential part of tire maintenance. Tire balancing is one of the most important parts of keeping your tires in good shape. When you drive on unbalanced tires, you’re wasting money and putting yourself in potential danger. Plus, unbalanced tires can lead to other problems with your steering and suspension. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet,(…)

5 Questions to Ask a Tire Repair Shop

Find out what you need to ask at your local tire and auto repair shop. When you’re searching for an auto and tire repair shop, it’s important to know which questions to ask. With these questions in mind, you can find an affordable, knowledgeable and honest auto repair shop. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can learn which questions to ask an auto and tire repair shop. 1. Are(…)

Location Spotlight: Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Make Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Oak Creek, Wisconsin your go-to place for tires. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we understand that we all should do our part to work toward a greener future. That’s why we invest in green infrastructure, just like the city of Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The city has developed a plan for a sustainable, environmentally friendly town square, called Drexel Town Square. It will feature lots(…)

How to Find the Best Auto Repair Shop

Use our tips to find the best auto repair shop for your vehicle. When your vehicle is in need of auto repair, you want the best auto repair shop for the job. With tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can find the best auto repair shop and get back on the road. Look for the following three things. 1. Look for ASE certification Automotive Service Excellence, ASE, is practically(…)

How to Find a Tire Repair Shop

Find the best tire and auto repair shop with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Whether you need to get your tires changed or repaired, finding the right auto repair shop is key for the best quality and service. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can find a good auto repair shop near you for all your tire needs. Use the following factors to find the best tire and auto(…)

Automotive Lighting Buyer’s Guide

Use our buyer’s guide to find the automotive lighting that fits your needs. Automotive lighting is important. We need headlights to see the road at night. We also need them (and tail lights) so other drivers can see us. We not only use lights to increase visibility, but to also signal, brake and let other drivers know what we’re doing with our vehicle. With so many uses, and so many choices for(…)

What is a Serpentine Belt?

A serpentine belt is a long, rubberized strap that uses the energy from your vehicle’s engine to power its electrical systems. Your serpentine belt is located under the hood in the front of the engine compartment. As its name implies, it snakes around various pulleys and rotating cams. This grooved belt harnesses the motor’s energy, efficiently providing power to the several necessary components. These include the alternator (battery charger), air conditioning, and power steering.(…)

Wheel Alignment Explained

Keep you and and your car safe on the road with a proper wheel alignment. What is a wheel alignment? A wheel alignment is simply adjusting your wheels to make sure they are square with the road and parallel to one another. A trained technician will measure and make adjustments to the angles and suspension components to make sure your car or truck’s tires are meeting the road evenly. This will also ensure(…)


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