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Headlights: What You Need To Know

Car and truck headlights are something you can’t do without. Not only is it illegal to drive at night with headlights that aren’t working properly, it’s also dangerous. They don’t just help you see, but they help other driver’s see you. Headlights are vital to your safety while driving, so keep that in mind when you replace them. Should I Replace Both of My Headlights When Only One is Dead? It’s(…)

Blain’s Farm and Fleet helps fight crime

In Janesville, WI, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has joined other area retailers and donated light bulbs for a crime-prevention program run by Operation Porch Light. Find out how Blain’s Farm & Fleet is helping to fight crime in their hometown.  

CFL Bulbs Disposal

CFL bulbs use up to 75% less energy than regular or incandescent light bulbs. In fact, if every home in America replaced a regular light bulb with a CFL bulb, it would save enough energy to light over 3 million homes and prevent 800,000 cars worth of greenhouse gas emissions. A CFL bulb contains an average of 4 milligrams of mercury sealed within the glass tubing. While this mercury is(…)

CFL Bulbs & Regulations

Switching to CFL bulbs is one of the best ways to save energy and money. You have a variety of light bulbs to choose from. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) will help you lower energy use and cost. Below you will find essential information about lighting legislation. You will also find making the switch from incandescent lamps(ILs) to energy saving CFL bulbs have many benefits. Energy Dependence and Security Act In December(…)

Going Green on Earth Day

Help reduce your carbon footprint and conserve our natural resources every day by following these going green tips. While Earth Day may only come around every April 22nd, there are many simple ways that we can protect the Earth’s resources every single day. Here are some easy going green tips to save you time, money and help the environment. Going Green: Water Use Turn off the water when you’re brushing(…)

Light Bulbs: Types and Uses

We use light bulbs everywhere: our job, our house, our car. The list goes on. Light bulbs are used in so many places, but how do you choose which one to use? Learn about the different types of light bulbs available as we break them down into five categories. Incandescent Light Bulbs Incandescent light bulbs are the most commonly used light bulbs. They are the least expensive light bulb option.(…)


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