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Tag: Home Organization

Add the Illusion of Space to Your Small Bathroom

Add the illusion of space to your small bathroom with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Not surprisingly, the average size of the home bathroom has almost doubled during the past few decades. Still, many of us live in older homes with considerably smaller bathrooms–those that are 75 square feet or less. While they might be short on space, these small bathrooms need not lack style, character or most(…)

Easy Closet Organization Ideas

Use these easy closet organization ideas to clean that messy closet. Does it take hours of digging to find your favorite shirt? Are your clothes often wrinkled and your socks mismatched? When it comes to getting organized, the closet is a great place to start. You’d be surprised at how much you can actually fit in a standard size closet by just moving some things around and getting rid of(…)

5 Organizing Tips for Your Kid’s Room

Get organized with these 5 organizing tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. A kid’s room is an important part of growing up. Developmental strides and fond memories fill the air. You may also notice it’s usually the messiest room in the house. Here are some kid’s room ideas to help consolidate space and make “clean-up time” a little easier for you and your child. Follow these organizing tips from Blain’s(…)

Organize Your Entertainment Room

Follow these tips for organizing your entertainment room from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. You spend a lot of time in your entertainment room. Why not give it a makeover and make it the perfect entertaining space? Whether you’re having friends over or it’s family movie night, keeping your entertainment room organized is a must. We have a few tips and ideas to help you organize your entertainment room. 5 Tips(…)

Laundry Room Organization Tips

Follow these laundry room organization tips to utilize space and decrease clutter. The laundry room can be one of the most overwhelming spaces in your home to keep organized. This can especially be the case when you’re doing laundry for the whole family. With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can make your laundry room an organized space that everyone can enjoy. Follow these five helpful tips on(…)

Pantry Organization Tips

Enjoy time in the kitchen with our simple pantry organization tips. Whether you’re pulling out baking ingredients or just trying to find a can of soup for dinner, rifling through a cluttered pantry is a pain. It’s time to purge, get organized, and take back your pantry. With our helpful pantry organization tips, you’ll have plenty of storage space. 1. Empty Your Pantry The first step of pantry organization is(…)

Small Space Storage Ideas

Our small space storage ideas will help you get organized in no time. Downsizing your home happens for a number of reasons. The kids go off to college and you suddenly don’t need a four- or five-bedroom home. Maybe you’re helping that college student organize their dorm room or small apartment. Or maybe you’ve even decided to move up north into a smaller cabin. Whatever the case, organizing small spaces(…)

Kitchen Gadgets Storage Ideas

Keep your kitchen organized with our kitchen gadgets storage ideas. We all use a bunch of gadgets in the kitchen. Whether you use small appliances, like a food processor, or cooking tools, you need to store your kitchen gadgets. Sometimes it might seem your kitchen isn’t big enough for all your gadgets. With our simple storage tips, you can organize your kitchen gadgets in no time. Store Smart Think about(…)

Junk Drawer Organization Tips

Reclaim valuable storage space with our easy junk drawer organization tips. We all have one in our kitchen. The dreaded junk drawer. The place where mysterious keys, old coupons and knick knacks go, never to be seen again. When you don’t know where something goes, it’s easy: throw it in the junk drawer. When you have guests coming over and you need to quickly clean off your counters, you throw(…)

Garage Organization Tips

Garage organization is easy with our helpful tips. It’s easy for your garage to become a haven for old boxes, miscellaneous parts and other stray junk. Don’t let this mess consume your life and prevent you from utilizing valuable storage space. With a few simple garage organization ideas, you will be making the most of your extra space in no time. Here are a few tips on garage organization. Toss(…)


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