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Tag: Home Comfort

Winterizing Your Home

Winterizing your home can save you cash and make your winter much more comfortable and relaxing. Make sure your home is ready for another Midwest winter with these Fall Home Maintenance Tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Winterizing Your Home A big part of winterizing your home is making sure your heat works well and stays in the house. There are a few things you(…)

Microwave Oven vs. Toaster Oven

A microwave oven and a toaster oven are usually used for a lot of the same things in the kitchen. Both can cook smaller amounts of food, frozen foods, and reheat leftovers. However, there are a lot of differences in what these two ovens can do. The toaster oven is more versatile, but is more expensive and loses to the microwave oven in one very important area: time. Let’s look(…)

Home Humidifier Benefits

At some point during the winter, you may have sat down in your living room and thought “Why is it so dry in here? My nose is all dry, I have a sore throat, and I just drank a quart of water, but I’m still thirsty. I feel like I’m in the Sahara Desert.” Cold weather and low humidity can dry out the air in your home. During winter and(…)


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