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Tag: Gun Safety

7 Features of the Best Gun Safes

Know which features to look for to find the best gun safe with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. When you’re looking for the best gun safe, there are certain features to keep in mind. You want not only your guns to be securely locked up, but you also want your safe to be secure in your home. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can find the best gun safe(…)

Choosing Between a Hard or Soft Rifle Case

Learn the pros and cons to choose between a hard or soft rifle case. A rifle case not only makes it easier to transport your gun, but it protects it, too. Rifle cases generally fall into one of two categories: hard cases and soft cases. Both have their pros and cons. Whether you’re flying to your hunting spot or throwing your rifle in the back of your truck, Blain’s Farm(…)

5 Benefits of a Wall Mount Gun Rack

A wall mount gun rack is a low-cost way to display your guns. A wall mount gun rack can be a great way to display antique firearms or some of your favorite guns. While there are benefits to using a wall mount gun rack, it’s crucial to always practice gun safety. When you use a gun rack, be absolutely certain your guns are not loaded and that the safety is(…)

6 Things to Pay Attention to in Gun Safe Reviews

Learn what to look for when you’re researching gun safe reviews. When you’re shopping for a gun safe, there are a few factors to keep in mind as you’re looking at gun safe reviews. Safely storing your guns will help protect you, your family and others. When you’re not out hunting, it’s important to keep your rifles and shotguns in a secure place, where they won’t get into the wrong(…)


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