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Tag: Goats

Choosing the Right Goat Feed

Choose the right goat feed with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Goats are browsers. They like to eat small trees, plants, shrubs, twigs and plants. While they enjoy these natural food sources out in the pasture, goats also need a quality feed as part of their diet. With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can find the right goat feed for your goats. Of course, we(…)

Beginner’s Guide to Goat Farming

Many hobby farmers enjoy keeping goats. This may be due to their quirky personalities, their relatively low cost of upkeep and also their practical uses, such as providing milk, fiber and meat. If you are considering introducing these intelligent little rascals onto your farm, see below for information on necessary goat care and upkeep. Shelter for Goats Goats do not require the Taj Mahal of barnyard buildings. A three-sided shed that blocks the wind and rain will keep(…)

Hobby Farm Small Animals

Hobby farming can be rewarding but it’s important to select the right animals for you. You have to consider what you’re hoping to produce on your farm. You have to think about how much work you want to put into your livestock. We give you some examples of great starter animals for your hobby farm. Chickens Chickens are widely considered to be the best animals to start with on a(…)


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