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How To Sear a Steak on The Grill

Nothing beats a perfectly grilled steak. Whether you like it rare, well done, or anywhere in between, you need a good sear to give you the beautiful grill marks and deep brown color that makes a steak look irresistible. Searing also helps to keep the juices from leaking out of the steak. This maintains the steak’s flavor and actually makes it easier to grill by preventing flare-ups. Searing a steak(…)

Grilling For a Tailgate Party

We all love friends, family, food, and fun. That’s why we love tailgating. It can be boiling hot, or freezing cold in that parking lot, but true fans don’t let that bother them. We tailgate in any weather, just like we support our team in any weather. It can’t ruin our tailgate party. But an unprepared grill master could. To make your tailgate party perfect, you’ll obviously need a grill.(…)

11 Great Grill Safety Tips

Grilling season is upon us! Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a first time flipper, you know that grilled food in the summer is bliss. But to enjoy that bliss we have to remember to grill safely. Here are some simple grill safety tips to ensure that you and your family stay safe as you wow them with your mastery of the ancient art of cooking over an open flame. Use caution,(…)

Propane Grill Buying Guide

Find out what to look for in a propane grill and show off your grilling skills. With the weather warming up, you’ll probably be grilling your favorite foods out on the deck or patio. If you’re thinking about investing in a propane grill, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. What you’ll be cooking If you plan on cooking the typical grill food—burgers, steaks, chicken breast, vegetables, etc.—you’ll(…)

Gas Grill Cleaning Tips

Your gas grill can be your barbecue pride and joy when you follow these easy cleaning tips. Grill steaks, hamburgers and brats all year long if you follow these simple instructions for cleaning your gas grill. Not only will you always be able to enjoy your favorite foods, you’ll also have a working gas grill for many years to come. Gas Grill Clean Setting Most gas grills come with a(…)


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