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Tag: Garden Tools

A Buyer’s Guide to Wheelbarrows

Find the best wheelbarrow with the Blain’s Farm & Fleet buyer’s guide. Whether you’re transplanting shrubs or hauling fall leaves around your yard, a wheelbarrow is a good piece of equipment to have in any garden shed or garage. But how do you choose the right one? There are a few differences and key factors to keep in mind when shopping for a quality wheelbarrow. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is(…)

Picking the Perfect Pruners

Find the right pruners for the job with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Using the right pruners for the right job is very important. There is a plethora of different plants, bushes and trees of all sizes,so it’s fitting that there are a number of different pruners to choose from. The three types of hand pruners are bypass, anvil and ratchet. You might also need bypass loppers or a pruning saw.(…)

10 Must-Have Garden Tools

Find out which garden tools are must-haves for any gardener. If you’re new to gardening, you need to know about the different tools you’ll need. From breaking up soil to keeping flowers watered, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has the garden tools you need to take care of your garden. 10 Must-Have Garden Tools 1. Garden Cultivator – These handy tools are great for reaching tighter areas where a longer tool just won’t fit.(…)

How to Choose the Best Garden Hose

Find the best garden hose for your lawn and garden with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Springtime means getting garden tools out of the shed, and that includes your garden hose. If you’re looking for a new garden hose, you might not know what kind you’ll need. There are different features to look for when you’re buying a hose. With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you(…)

Trowel Buyer’s Guide

Use our buyer’s guide to find the best trowel for the job. When it comes to hand tools, one of the most versatile is the trowel. There are masonry trowels used to level, spread and shape mortar and concrete. There are also gardening trowels, used to dig up dirt and weeds like a small shovel. So whether you’re doing some brickwork or digging in the garden, we’re here to help(…)

Garden Tools: Sharpening Methods

Increase the lifespan of your garden tools with our easy sharpening methods. From pruning trees and shrubs, to digging in the ground to build a backyard pond, your garden tools take a beating. When your tools become dull, you have to put more muscle into every cut and dig. Sharpening your garden tools will give you cleaner cuts and less strain on your body. Learn how to easily sharpen your(…)


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