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Maximize Dorm Room Space

Learn how to maximize dorm room space with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Moving into a new dorm room can be just as exhausting as it is exciting. Not to mention, making room for all of your belongings can be an extreme challenge. By using these helpful dorm room storage tips, you can maximize your space and lessen the headaches. Tips to Maximize Dorm Room Space: 1. Focus on the closet(…)

Kitchen Concerts for Kids

Cure that cabin fever with this fun DIY project: kitchen concerts for kids. You’re not using your pots and pan right now, are you? Why not be the coolest parent around and let your children have a blast in the kitchen. They can create music using various items from around the kitchen. Letting children create their own music promotes self expression along with physical activity. So pull out those “instruments”(…)

Things To Do On a Winter Staycation

When you’re stuck inside, have a winter staycation with these ideas from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. The snow and temperatures are falling. Winter is surely upon us. After the holidays are finally over, it’s nice to just be able to sit back, relax and take a break from everything. However, wallets can be pretty thin starting out in the new year. If you’re finding that you can’t go on a(…)

Sock Puppet Home Theater DIY

Cure that mid-winter cabin fever by making a sock puppet theater. When you can’t get outside to play, kids and adults alike need a way to let loose. Try creating a sock puppet theater! You and your family can create your own sock puppet characters and stories. Find those stray socks and follow these tips to get started. How to Make the Sock Puppet Theater 1. Start with the stage(…)

Winter Indoor Activities for Kids

Cure cabin fever this winter with these fun indoor activities for kids. Don’t let the family fun stop just because it’s winter. There are many indoor activities for kids that are both creative and fun. Keep playing year-round with these winter indoor activities for kids. Family time has never been more fun – and you don’t even have to leave the house. Go indoor ice skating That’s right, you can(…)

How to Play Croquet

Learn how to play croquet with help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Learning croquet can be a bit confusing. With our help, you’ll be a master of the wickets in no time. Follow these easy steps to get started. Object of the Game & Setup The object of the game is to race your opponents around the course of wickets (wire gates) and hit the finishing stake first. You can(…)

5 Fun Sidewalk Chalk Activities

Turn off the TV, unplug the video games, take away the laptop, the cell phone and the tablet for a couple of hours and get your kids outside. The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day. Your kids need to act like kids for a couple of hours and just play! If you’ve got some sidewalk chalk and an open driveway or sidewalk, there are plenty of games you and your child will love.(…)


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