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Lifetime Power Lift Basketball System Installation

Install your own Lifetime Power Lift Basketball System with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. It’s a great form of exercise, it’s an activity that the whole family can be involved in, and it’s a good way to enjoy the beautiful summertime weather. If you’re looking for one activity that will provide all of these benefits for years to come, consider installing a Lifetime Power Lift Basketball System. You can download the(…)

5 Cardio Change-Up Ideas

Sick of the same workout routine? Blain’s Farm & Fleet has cardio change-up ideas for you. It’s good to get into a workout routine that you can stick to. However, for long term weight loss, you and your body need to mix things up. According to Daniel Steffancin, health and fitness coordinator for the West Park/Fairview Family YMCA, part of the YMCA of Greater Cleveland, “your body will plateau if(…)

Bike Riding for Exercise

More and more people are taking up bike riding and cycling these days. One very good reason for this is that riding a bike is an excellent form of exercise. Here are a few ways that bike riding can help you stay healthy and fit. Save Your Joints, Ride a Bike After swimming, riding a bike is one of the best forms of exercise for your joints. Running can wear your joints out(…)


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