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Small Ways You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint with these ideas from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Your carbon footprint is basically the amount of CO2 (greenhouse gas) a person produces by their daily activities that contribute to global warming. Altering every day chores and activities can make a huge impact. We have listed a few small ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 11 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 1. One-Stop Shops –  How(…)

Oil Spill Clean-up

If you are a DIY auto repair mechanic, you know that oil finds a way to spill no matter how careful you are. If you’re a beginner in DIY Auto Repair, you’re probably here because you just learned that lesson the hard way. Relax. Blain’s Farm & Fleet will show you how to clean up an oil spill. How To Clean Up an Oil Spill Oil is toxic to the(…)

What is Oil Absorbent?

If you change oil, you need oil absorbent. Accidents happen, and oil change mechanics know that oil gets spilled. Oil spills are hard to clean up, and there are very strict government rules on how you must clean up and dispose of waste oil. If you dispose of your oil improperly, you could risk contaminating soil, groundwater, streams, and rivers. Be environmentally responsible and recycle your oil. Part of protecting the(…)


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