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Tag: Engine Maintenance

Coolant Level and Mix Ratio

The antifreeze coolant that flows through your car or truck’s cooling system does more than just keep your engine from freezing in the winter. It also cools the engine while you’re driving. Without coolant, your engine would overheat after only a few minutes of driving. It could freeze overnight without enough antifreeze in it. There are two things you have to things you should remember when you’re checking and topping off your(…)

Which Antifreeze Do I Need?

Does the color matter? Antifreeze color does not matter. The chemicals that make up the antifreeze do. Relying on the color of the coolant is not a reliable way to tell what’s in an antifreeze. You should consult the maintenance chart in your vehicle’s owner’s manual to find which antifreeze the manufacturer recommends. Different car makers have their own antifreeze formulas that are designed to work best with the metals they(…)

What is Star Tron?

Star Tron enzyme fuel treatment is an additive that cleans your fuel system and engine. Star Tron has a lot of uses. It serves as a fuel stabilizer, fuel system cleaner, diesel additive, ethanol treatment, and gas treatment. Many mechanics recommend that you use it as a regular part of your vehicle and power equipment maintenance. Use Star Tron in Your Collector Car Star Tron is a fuel system cleaner and fuel stabilizer in one.(…)


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