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Tag: Electrical Outlets

Electrical Ground Fault Symptoms

The electrical system in your home is a complicated series of circuits connected by wires and regulated by circuit breakers. Because it’s so complicated, problems in your home electrical system can manifest themselves in a lot of different ways. It all depends on which circuit is faulty, and where the problem is in that circuit. The symptoms of an electrical problem depend on what type of problem it is, as well.(…)

Grounding An Electrical Outlet

If your outlets aren’t properly grounded, you can get hum in your stereo or sound system, flickering lights, and all sorts of other inconvenient quirks in your home electronics. We’ll help you put an end to them by showing you how to test and ground your electrical outlets. How To Ground an Electrical Outlet 1. Use a circuit tester to check the ground on your electrical outlet.  While you’re at(…)

Electrical Outlets: How Much Can I Plug In?

We all do it at some point. There are times when we just have to plug a couple of power strips into a 4-way outlet adapter to make one outlet into enough plug-ins for all of our gadgets. However, most of the time we end up tripping the breaker and finding out that you can only plug so many things into a pair of electrical outlets. At this point, we usually wonder “how many(…)

Circuit Breaker Panel Mapping

Mapping your circuit breaker panel allows you to turn the power off to only the areas of your house that you’re working on. This comes in handy if you’re doing electrical work that may take a while and your family still needs power to the other rooms. The quickest and easiest way to map your circuit breaker panel is by using a circuit breaker locator. Mapping a Circuit Breaker Panel(…)


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