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Tag: Dog Health

Dog Separation Anxiety

Learn what causes and how to deal with dog separation anxiety. For some dog owners, leaving the house–or even the room–can cause their dog great stress. As a reaction to this stress, the dog might tear the house apart, bark, howl, whine and more. Dog separation anxiety not only affects the dog, but also the owner. It’s important to understand what you can do to help your precious pup and ease(…)

Toxic Foods for Dogs and Cats

Keep your pets safe by avoiding toxic foods for dogs and cats. As humans, we know which foods are good and bad for us. Our pets, on the other hand, don’t know any better. While it might be tempting to share your dinner with your dog or cat, it could be dangerous for your pet. Some foods that are good and healthy for humans can be toxic foods for dogs(…)

How to Deal With Puppy Teething

Learn how to combat the perils of puppy teething with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. When you get a new puppy, they’re all cuddly and cute…until they start biting. Teething is something that every puppy goes through, and it can be a pain for you and your home. Puppies have needle-sharp teeth, which they use to chew, play and investigate. Their playful nips can turn into painful bites as they get(…)

Pet Grooming Tips for Summer

Keep your furry friends happy and healthy with our summer pet grooming tips. Summer is on its way, and with it comes the heat. While we can easily dress for the hot weather, our pets need some help keeping cool. One of the easiest ways to keep your pet safe during the summer months is proper grooming. Follow our pet grooming tips to keep your pets comfortable all summer long.(…)

Dog Teeth Cleaning Guide

No matter how bad of a day you’re having there is always one thing waiting at home to love you, cuddle you and kiss you… your dog. Make sure those cuddles and kisses aren’t ruined by bad breath or oral disease by providing your beloved pup with the proper dog dental care. As a dog owner, you know that you’re responsible for grooming, feeding, nurturing and maintaining proper health care for(…)


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