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How to Make a Goose Decoy Spread

Learn how to set up goose hunting decoys with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Canadian geese are some of the hardest birds to attract with decoys. With any decoy, you need to pick the right location. With geese, you need to take extra care in making the spread look realistic. Geese are skeptical, and they only get more skeptical as they age. They might be curious about the family of floaters(…)

How to Use Duck Hunting Decoys

Learn how to use duck hunting decoys with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Duck hunting decoys are a great tool for attracting live ducks to your hunting spot. There are a variety of duck decoys to choose from, and spreads you can use to attract ducks. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can learn how to use duck decoys to up your duck hunting game. How to Use Duck(…)

Deer Hunting Tips: Deer Decoys

Deer decoys can greatly increase your chances of bagging that big buck next time you hit the field. Blain’s Farm & Fleet will show you a few tips for using them, and why they’re worth your time. Why Should I Use Deer Decoys? Deer decoys catch the eye of deer that would otherwise pass out of your range. The deer will often come into your range to investigate the strange buck(…)

Turkey Decoys: Types and Setups

Spring is almost here, which means it’s almost time for turkey hunting season. Many hunters use turkey decoys to attract and bag the perfect turkey. Learn about the different kinds of turkey decoys and some commonly used decoy setups. Types of Turkey Decoys There are three different turkeys represented by decoys: the jake, the hen and the tom.  Jakes are young male turkeys. You can tell a jake apart from(…)


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