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Tag: Kitchen Cleaning

How To Clean Your Roaster Oven

A counter top roaster oven is a great alternative to the traditional “big oven” for extra cooking space, convenience, and ease. They’re great for cooking up turkey, beef, lamb, ham, and much more. However, after dinner is over, you’ll have to clean up. Roasters produce burnt carbon and leave a holding pan full of melted fats, oils, and meat drippings. Although it looks difficult and disgusting, anyone can clean a(…)

Cutting Board Cleaning Tips

Get your cutting board clean with our cutting board cleaning tips. You use your cutting boards to chop, slice and mince tons of food. As you continuously use your cutting board, it can become dirty and stained. A plastic cutting board won’t get completely clean in the dishwasher, and you don’t even think of putting your wooden one in there. You can actually easily clean your cutting boards with a few(…)

Limescale Removal Tips

Learn how to easily remove limescale buildup from your appliances and fixtures. It’s coming! You turn the corner in your shower and there it is! The chalky whiteness of limescale buildup. You make a run for it to your kitchen, but it’s there on your tea kettle and coffee maker. Don’t run in horror any longer. Fight back against limescale buildup in your home with these quick, easy tips. Washing(…)

How to Clean a Coffee Maker

Use our tips on how to clean a coffee maker to keep brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Waking up to the smell of freshly-brewed coffee is the best way to get your day started. When you look at your coffee maker, you’re only focused on what it’s making: coffee. Whatever kind of coffee maker you buy, you need to clean it. Mold and bacteria can grow in the water(…)

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Spring cleaning is that time of the year to open up your home and give it a thorough cleaning. The seasons are changing, winter is finally over, the snow is melting and the temperatures are rising. It is time for your home to go through its change, out with the old and in with the new. Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen Our kitchens are one of the most trafficked rooms in(…)


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