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5 Tips for Fall Car Care

Get your car ready for fall with these five tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. October is Fall Car Care month. Fall is the perfect time to get your car ready for winter weather, especially before snow hits the ground. Use these five easy tips for fall car care from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. 1. Check the Tires As with any vehicle check, tires are a must. Check tire tread(…)

5 Tire Facts & Myths

Learn about five tire misconceptions with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. When it comes to caring for your vehicle, there’s a lot to be said about tires. You might have heard it all – new tires should always be put on the front, you can drive as long as you want on a spare tire…the list goes on. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here to debunk and explain(…)

How to Replace Your Key Fob Battery

Learn how to replace the battery in your key fob with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. A key fob conveniently helps you lock and unlock your vehicle, as well as open your trunk or tailgate. Your key fob might have the key built right into it, or be separate from your car key. Either way, key fobs run on batteries. While you don’t need the key fob battery to start your(…)

How To Remove Bumper Stickers

Maybe you just realized that that your bumper sticker from the last Presidential election is a little outdated. Maybe you want to sell your car, and it would be an easier sell without the bumper stickers on it. Maybe you recently bought a used car or truck, and are not crazy about the Punisher skulls on the rear bumper. Or maybe you just got the bumper stickers peeled off, but they left(…)

How to Detail a Car for Under $50

Learn how to detail a car for under $50 with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Remember the first day you looked at that brand new, shiny car on the dealer’s lot? Over time, normal wear and tear start to affect the appearance of your vehicle. Things like driving conditions, weather and even accidents can physically add a little age to your car. But nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars just(…)

How to Wax a Car

Learn how to wax a car with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Whether your car is brand new with a clear coat top or 20 years old and clinging for dear life, waxing it regularly is important. Car wax will clean, shine and protect automotive finishes while acting as a barrier from everyday wear and tear. The more time and care you put into waxing your car, the(…)

Use Wheel Cleaner To Remove Brake Dust

Over time, semi-metallic brake pads create dust that sticks to your wheels. This can dull the shine of your wheels or turn them black. If you want to clean the brake dust off of your wheels, you’ll need some wheel cleaner. You should also wear some latex, rubber, or nitrile gloves to protect your skin if the wheel cleaner says to avoid skin contact on the label. You should also wear(…)

Car Care Myths

We all want our car or truck to look sharp. Washing and waxing your exterior regularly helps keep your ride looking like new, but there are a lot of car care myths out there. A lot of them have to do with waxing and washing. Some of them are a little fuzzy, and some are the opposite of the truth. Blain’s Farm & Fleet will expose five common car care myths and(…)

Car Organization Tips

So maybe sometimes you have so much stuff in your car that it looks like you live there. Maybe you’re always on the go and you need to be prepared for anything the road can throw at you. You might not even be a particularly messy person, but things can pile up in your car gradually without you really noticing. It might seem like a huge task to clean up(…)


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