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Tag: Canning Fruits

Why Am I Losing Liquid In My Canning Jars?

Find out some causes and solutions as to why your canning jars are losing liquid. Home canning is a great way to preserve fruits, vegetables and more. When you’re done processing, sometimes you can lose water or canning liquid. Your food isn’t covered anymore. There are a few reasons why this can happen while you’re canning. Read through these common causes and solutions as to why your canning jars are(…)

Peach Butter Wedding Favors

Follow this simple peach butter recipe to make the perfect mason jar wedding favors! Four simple ingredients are all you need to make delicious peach butter. Your family members are sure to appreciate a taste of summer in the middle of winter when they pull out your peach butter wedding favor. Follow this easy recipe, courtesy of Jen F. from Nashville, Tenn. The recipe will yield four pints of peach(…)

Color Changes In Canned Food

After canning then it is time for eating! However, you’ve gone to the pantry only to discover that your canned food has changed from the bright colors when you first canned to a duller shade now. You don’t have to crinkle your nose and throw it out, we here at Blain’s Farm & Fleet have a list of common canning problems and solutions. Canned Food Jars Didn’t Seal Properly Proper(…)


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