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Tag: Camping Safety

6 Tips for Camping in the Rain

You can still enjoy your camping trip with these six tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Don’t let a little rain ruin your family camping trip! You can still enjoy the great outdoors even when Mother Nature throws rain your way. With some preparation and the right equipment, you can still go camping in the rain. Use these easy tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. 1. Find the Right Site(…)

5 Ways to Stay Cool When You’re Camping

Beat the heat on your next camping trip with these tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. As summer approaches, it’ll be time to get out the camping gear. A family camping trip is a great time to make memories and explore the great outdoors. Unfortunately, sometimes the great outdoors includes unbearable heat. Without the comforts of home–and air conditioning–you’ll need some creative ways to stay cool when you’re around the(…)

4 Tips for Winter Camping

Have a fun and safe time winter camping with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Camping is a staple summer activity. It can even be a fun time for the whole family in fall. But you can also go winter camping. Camping in winter is a great way to get outdoors when you’re fighting cabin fever. With the right equipment and preparation, you can have a blast in the snow. 1. Layer(…)

Protecting Your Campsite from Animals

Follow our tips for protecting your campsite from wild animals. Camping is a great way to get away from it all and enjoy nature. You and your family can explore the great outdoors and come back to a cozy campsite for meals around the perfect campfire. However, the food for those meals is the perfect way to attract wild animals. You need to know how to properly store your food(…)

Build a Camping First Aid Kit

Build your own camping first aid kit to bring on your next camping trip. Camping is a great time for the whole family. Of course, accidents can happen. It’s always best to be prepared for anything, from minor scrapes to more serious emergencies. Equipping yourself and your fellow campers with a camping first aid kit is a must for any trip. Use our checklist to build your own camping first(…)

How to Build a Campfire

Build the perfect campfire with help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Sitting around a warm campfire is one of the best parts of camping. You can cook s’mores, tell ghost stories and just have a good time with everyone on your camping trip. 1. Make a Fire Pit If your campsite doesn’t have a designated fire site, or you’re out in the wilderness, you’ll need to make a fire pit.(…)

Poisonous Plants While Camping

Learn how to identify some of the poisonous plants you may see while camping. Camping in the great outdoors is a fun time for you and your family. You get to sleep outside, go on hikes, hit the bike trails, etc. You have to remember, though, you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. It’s important to know how to identify poisonous plants while you’re camping. Some might leave you with(…)

Camping Safety Tips

Camping trips are more fun when they are safe and comfortable. “Roughing it” goes more smoothly when everyone involved is prepared for anything that can happen. Plan ahead and research camping safety with these easy tips. The most common camping safety issues are: insect bites, allergic reactions to poisonous plants, exposure to the elements, and getting lost. Make a camping safety preparedness kit before you leave on your trip. Your(…)

Campsite Selection Tips

Choosing the right spot for your campsite will make your camping trip feel like a true vacation. After a long day of hiking, boating, swimming, whatever you’re doing on a camping trip, you will want to retreat to your campsite for relaxation and rest. We’ll give you tips for picking the perfect campsite. Find an Even Surface The first factor to consider is the surface where you’re going to put(…)


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