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Blenders & Juicers Buyer’s Guide

Choose the best blender or juicer for your needs with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Blenders and juicers have different styles and features to fit your needs. They both can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle, or simply mix up some of your favorite drinks. With the help of our buyer’s guide, you can learn the difference between the two, and find the one that works best for(…)

Choosing The Right Trolling Motor

A trolling motor is great for fishing a larger area than you could by just drifting. It’s also much better than firing up your outboard motor to move around. Trolling motors are quiet and won’t scare fish away like an outboard will. This allows you to be more mobile on the water and search out pockets of active fish. Because of this, a trolling motor is well worth the investment(…)

Air Tools You Should Own

Air tools have a lot of benefits. They produce high speeds with lower torque and inertia than electric tools. They are also smaller and more compact. There are lots of reasons to use air tools, and Blain’s Farm & Fleet has put together a list of air tools you should have in your toolbox. Must-Have Air Tools There is an air-powered version of just about any power tool out there.(…)

Hip Waders vs. Chest Waders

Nothing can put a damper on the joy and relaxation of a day of fishing like being wet, cold, and uncomfortable. That’s where waders come in handy. They give you a waterproof barrier that allows you to spend your days on and in the water in comfort. Besides the fact that waders come in a few different lengths, there are a few different materials to wade through when you’re choosing(…)

Canoe Paddles: A Buyer’s Guide

Canoe paddles come in as many different shapes and sizes as canoeists do. That’s why it’s important to get a paddle that fits your build and fitness level best. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here with a few tips to help you wade through the sea of canoe paddles. There are a few factors to consider when you choose a paddle. The most important ones are your height while seated(…)

Finding The Right Kayak Paddle

Finding the right kayak paddle can be the difference between an uncomfortable, difficult day on the water and a refreshing adventure. The size of the kayak paddle you need is determined by a few different factors. The size of your kayak and torso, and the type of kayaking you’ll be doing are all keys to picking the right paddle. Even your style of paddling affects which kayak paddle is best(…)

Power Saw: Which One Do I Need?

When you look for a power saw, there are a lot of features you might look for. These include laser line guide, dust collectors, or multiple or changeable grips. But what about the saws themselves? There are a lot of different kinds of power saws. First, there’s the debate of portable versus bench or table saws. Then there’s the different kids of saws in each of those categories. Each of these(…)

Choosing Trout Fishing Lures

There are a variety of ways to fish for trout. When most of us think of trout fishing, we picture a lone angler standing in a crystal clear mountain stream, masterfully swinging a fly fishing rod. But trout fishing doesn’t necessarily have to be fly fishing. Sure, fly fishing is the best way to fish shallow streams with a lot of pocket water and rocks, but trout also live in(…)

Tree Stands: Choose the Right One

Hunting from a tree stand can make you a much more effective hunter. Tree stands do three main things to elevate (no pun intended) your hunting game. First, they reduce the amount of your scent that lingers at ground level. Second, it keeps you out of the deer’s normal line of sight. Lastly, a tree stand will give you a great view of the terrain around you. There are other(…)

Bench Grinder Buyer’s Guide

A bench grinder is key to maintaining the rest of the tools in your shop. You can use it to sharpen pretty much anything with an edge. From chisels to lawn mower blades, you can prolong the useful life of your tools by investing in a bench grinder. Bench grinders don’t cost much, and they easily pay for themselves in the long run by making the rest of your tools(…)


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