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Tag: Big Game Hunting

What Are the Hunter Orange Requirements?

Find out how much hunter orange you need to legally hunt in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. If you’re doing any kind of firearm hunting, you’ll need to wear hunter orange. Hunter orange, often referred to as blaze orange, is worn so you’re seen by other hunters. The amount of hunter orange you need varies state to state, and even by the type of game you’re hunting. We’ve rounded what(…)

How to Pick the Best Game Camera for Your Hunt

Choose the best game camera for your next hunting trip. Game cameras are a great way to track where animals are going on your hunting land. They can help you scope out the best spots for your hunting blind or tree stand. With so many choices on the market, it might be difficult to know which game camera is right for you. That’s why we’re here to help. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet,(…)

Your Ultimate Guide to Men’s Hunting Clothes

Find top quality men’s hunting jackets, boots and more at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. While a successful hunt can come down to luck and experience, it doesn’t hurt to have the right hunting clothes. With hunting jackets, gloves, hats and more, you’ll be ready to hunt down big game. Get suited up for hunting from head to toe with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. How to Layer for Hunting Base layer(…)

The Deer Hunting Equipment Beginner’s Checklist

Check off your deer hunting equipment list with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. If you’re entering the world of deer hunting, you’ll need the proper equipment. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we have everything you need to go from a beginner to a skilled hunter. Use our deer hunting equipment checklist to make sure you have all the gear needed before you hit the woods. Hunting Blind or Tree Stand Choosing(…)

Tree Stands: Choose the Right One

Hunting from a tree stand can make you a much more effective hunter. Tree stands do three main things to elevate (no pun intended) your hunting game. First, they reduce the amount of your scent that lingers at ground level. Second, it keeps you out of the deer’s normal line of sight. Lastly, a tree stand will give you a great view of the terrain around you. There are other(…)


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