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Tag: Beekeeping Supplies

Tips for Painting Your Beehive

Follow these tips for painting your beehives from Miller Manufacturing and Blain’s Farm & Fleet. With snow and ice on the ground, it’s tough to think about preparing for spring. But, did you know it’s actually the time to order your bees? It’s that time of year to plan for your new or expanding apiary. After you place your order for bees, it’s time to think about buying any new or(…)

Local Beekeepers Share Experience at Ottawa, Illinois Store

Members of the Illinois Valley Beekeeping Association met with shoppers interested in beekeeping at Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Ottawa, Illinois on Saturday, January 23. They discussed how those in attendance could start beekeeping in their own backyard.

Where to Buy Bees

To start your beehive, you need to know where to buy bees. Backyard beekeeping is a fun hobby with great rewards like honey and beeswax. With all the right beekeeping supplies, you’ll be well on your way to creating the apiary of your dreams. One of the last things you’ll need? Bees! If you’re new to beekeeping, you may not know where to buy bees. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is(…)

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin is Buzzing About Beekeeping!

A local bee expert hosted a beekeeping seminar at Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Chippewa Falls, Wis. Those in attendance learned about the benefits of honeybees, and how to get started with their own hives.

Get the Buzz on Beekeeping!

Backyard beekeeping is rising in popularity–you can make your own honey, right with bees in your backyard. From beehives to beekeeping clothes, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has all the beekeeping supplies you need to get started. Enjoy the simple hobby with sweet rewards!

What Does a Bee Smoker Do?

A bee smoker is a vital tool for successful backyard beekeeping. One of the biggest parts of beekeeping is tending to your hives. Bees can be temperamental, especially when they feel like they’re being attacked or their hive is being invaded. Using a bee smoker is the best way to keep your bees calm, and keep yourself from getting stung. Smoke’s Affect on Bees When bees think they’re being attacked,(…)

Fall Beekeeping Tasks Checklist

Follow these fall beekeeping tasks to get your honey bees ready for winter. Fall is a busy time for beekeepers. It’s the time to prepare your hives for the cold winter ahead. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can get your hive ready for the first cold snap with our fall beekeeping tasks checklist. 1. Put a mouse guard on the hive entrance – This should come as no(…)

Harvesting Honey From Your Hive

You can enjoy the sweet rewards of beekeeping by harvesting honey. An apiary full of beehives means two things: beeswax and honey. As a beekeeper, your hard work of caring for your bees pays off with the sweet reward of honey. September is the best month to start harvesting honey. If you’re a first year beekeeper, you’ll probably only have a small amount of honey to harvest. A new bee(…)

Swarm Traps and Bait Hives

Use swarm traps to capture feral bees for beekeeping. Trapping a swarm of bees can help you increase the size of your apiary, and give you a strong bee colony. Swarm traps, also called bait hives or bait boxes, are used to capture feral bees. Learn all about how to make your own swarm traps and bait hives. How to Build a Swarm Trap There are a few different designs(…)

Sugar Board for Beekeeping

Keep your honey bees thriving through winter with a beekeeping candy board. When you’re drawing out your bee hive plans, you’ll need to consider how you’ll take care of your bees in the winter. Bees spend the spring and summer gathering pollen and nectar. They use the pollen and nectar to produce honey, which they store up for winter. To help your honey bees, you can plant flowers and plants(…)


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