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Learn About Bearding and Beekeeping

Learn about bearding and beekeeping with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. If you’re new to beekeeping, you might notice your bees clustering around the front of their hive. It’s actually a normal thing that a strong colony of bees do, called “bearding.” However, bees gathering around the front of the hive can also indicate swarming. Learn more about bearding, swarming and caring for your bees with Blain’s Farm(…)

How Many Beehives Should I Start With?

Determine how many beehives you should start with using these tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. If you’re a beginner at beekeeping, you might wonder how many beehives you should start with. You might be unsure if you can handle more than one hive at a time, or if you’ll produce enough honey and wax with just one hive. With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can figure(…)

Should I Use a Queen Excluder?

Learn about the pros and cons of using a queen excluder in your beehive. When it comes to beekeeping it’s important to know about all the different pieces of beekeeping equipment. From frame lifters to smokers, every piece plays a role in successful beekeeping. A queen excluder is no exception. Beekeepers have varying opinions on queen excluders–if they’re necessary or if they’re good for the bees and the hive. With(…)

Harvesting Honey From Your Hive

You can enjoy the sweet rewards of beekeeping by harvesting honey. An apiary full of beehives means two things: beeswax and honey. As a beekeeper, your hard work of caring for your bees pays off with the sweet reward of honey. September is the best month to start harvesting honey. If you’re a first year beekeeper, you’ll probably only have a small amount of honey to harvest. A new bee(…)

Requeen Your Beehive

Watch your beehive continue to grow after you requeen your bee colony. The different members of your bee colony have different duties. The queen bee is the most important one in your entire colony. She makes sure the entire hive is clean and healthy. She lays eggs, which produce more worker bees and drones. However, after a few years, the queen will most likely need to be replaced. Signs You(…)

Bee Control & Bee Hive Removal

We can’t promise your wasps and bees won’t be back next year, but we can help you to get rid of the nasty wasp and bee nests that already exist around your home. Use caution whenever you deal with bee hives. If you don’t feel comfortable with these steps, or you have an allergy to bee stings, call an exterminator. We can’t guarantee that you won’t get stung, as bees and wasps can be(…)

Swarm Traps and Bait Hives

Use swarm traps to capture feral bees for beekeeping. Trapping a swarm of bees can help you increase the size of your apiary, and give you a strong bee colony. Swarm traps, also called bait hives or bait boxes, are used to capture feral bees. Learn all about how to make your own swarm traps and bait hives. How to Build a Swarm Trap There are a few different designs(…)

Langstroth Hive for Beekeepers

Langstroth hives are the standard type of beehive that beekeepers use to house their bees. Learn all about them in this handy article. A major plus with using a Langstroth hive is the frames. Bees build their honeycombs into the frames. This allows beekeepers to move the frames with ease, giving them easy access to inspect hives and extract honey. The Langstroth hive was designed in 1851, in Philadelphia by(…)

Beehive Inspection

Inspecting your beehive is an important part of making sure your apiary is healthy, productive, and well-maintained. But if you’re just starting out as a beekeeper, it can be hard to know what to do or what to look for. Blain’s Farm & Fleet will help you inspect your hive and get the most out of your bees. Pick a nice, calm summer day to check your beehive. Always wear(…)

Who’s Who: Meet Your Bee Colony

Learn about the different duties performed by each member of your bee colony. You’ve heard the phrase “busy bee” many times, but have you ever stopped to think how busy a bee colony is? Now that you’re starting your own beekeeping hive, it’s best to know what roles the bees play. Bee Colony Member: Queen Bee Presenting Her Majesty the Queen! The queen bee is the only adult, mated female(…)


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