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Tag: Automotive Troubleshooting

Automotive Demo Days – July 28 & 29

On July 28th and 29th from 10 AM until 2 PM all 38 Blain’s Farm & Fleet store locations will be hosting an In-Store Automotive Tech Showcase Event. This event allows customers to watch live demonstrations and learn more about cutting edge automotive products sold at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. This year, our product demonstrations will showcase Schumacher battery boosters. Each attendee can sign up for a chance to win 1(…)

Repair or Replace? When Can a Tire be Repaired?

Find out if your tire can be prepared or if you need to look at new tires for sale. You may have had a flat tire before, brought in into a repair shop to have it fixed and been told that it needed to be replaced. If you’ve ever wondered what makes a tire unrepairable, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has your answers. We’re here to help you figure out if(…)

Why Is The Front Of My Car Shaking?

When your notice your car shaking, you need to find the cause and fix it as soon as possible. Shakes and vibrations in your vehicle can be signs of problems that could become dangerous down the road. Car shaking can be caused by a lot of different things. From your engine, to your axles, all the way down to your tires. It can be difficult to tell which one of(…)

Wheel Alignment Explained

Keep you and and your car safe on the road with a proper wheel alignment. What is a wheel alignment? A wheel alignment is simply adjusting your wheels to make sure they are square with the road and parallel to one another. A trained technician will measure and make adjustments to the angles and suspension components to make sure your car or truck’s tires are meeting the road evenly. This will also ensure(…)

Maintaining Correct Tire Air Pressure

Benefits of proper tire air pressure Gives the best traction, performance and handling Better long-term fuel economy Prolongs tread life Disadvantages of low tire air pressure Shortens tread life (more wear on the edges of the tread) Higher risk of tire blowouts Worse long-term fuel economy Worse performance and handling Disadvantages of high tire air pressure Rougher ride Higher risk of tire blowouts Shortens tread life (more wear in the middle of the tread) Worse traction(…)

Tire Replacement Guide: How Many Tires Should I Replace?

Tire Replacement: Replacing All Four Tires It’s always best to replace all four of your tires at the same time. This ensures that you have the same tread depth on each tire. If you own a four-wheel or an all-wheel drive vehicle, you must replace all four tires at once. The traction advantages achieved by these vehicles are due to mechanically connecting all four tires. If you replace less than four(…)


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