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Automotive Demo Days – July 28 & 29

On July 28th and 29th from 10 AM until 2 PM all 38 Blain’s Farm & Fleet store locations will be hosting an In-Store Automotive Tech Showcase Event. This event allows customers to watch live demonstrations and learn more about cutting edge automotive products sold at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. This year, our product demonstrations will showcase Schumacher battery boosters. Each attendee can sign up for a chance to win 1(…)

How to Use a Grease Gun

Learn how to use and load a grease gun with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. A grease gun is used in garages and workshops to lubricate a variety of projects. Oil or grease is pumped through a grease nipple, making it easy to apply the lubricant to the openings or gaps on your project. With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can learn about the different types of grease(…)

Feeler Gauge vs. Spark Plug Gauge

It’s important to make sure that your spark plugs have the right gap when you are doing an engine tune-up. When you buy spark plugs, they may not necessarily have the right gap between their electrodes for your engine. Having the wrong gap can cause your engine to misfire, lose power, and run less efficiently, which lowers your gas mileage. Check your car or truck’s owners manual for the recommended(…)

Truck Tool Box Basic Checklist

Find out what you should keep in your truck tool box. One of the best perks of owning a truck is the extra storage space. This is especially true when you have a truck tool box. But what tools and supplies should you keep in your truck tool box? There are basic supplies and tools every truck tool box should be equipped with. Depending on where you live or where(…)

Socket Wrench Buyer’s Guide

A socket wrench is a great tool to have in any tool box. When you need to do some heavy-duty wrench work, look no further than a trusty socket wrench. A socket wrench will help do a lot of fastening efficiently, on both SAE and metric fasteners. Socket Wrenches How a Socket Wrench Works A socket wrench is a hand tool with a ratcheting mechanism on its head. The ratcheting(…)

Air Tools You Should Own

Air tools have a lot of benefits. They produce high speeds with lower torque and inertia than electric tools. They are also smaller and more compact. There are lots of reasons to use air tools, and Blain’s Farm & Fleet has put together a list of air tools you should have in your toolbox. Must-Have Air Tools There is an air-powered version of just about any power tool out there.(…)

How To Measure Tire Tread Depth

A few fractions of an inch in the depth of your tire tread can make a huge difference. It can be the difference between hydroplaning on a wet road and making your way safely through the rain. Not only will worn out tread make your vehicle less safe, it will also keep it from handling as well as it should. Especially if you have an off-road vehicle or a sports(…)

Tire Pressure Gauge Guide

Find out which tire pressure gauge is right for you with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Are you looking for the most accurate tire gauge? The least expensive? The one that can be stored easiest? There are three different kinds of tire pressure gauges to choose from. With this list of pros and cons, you can find the right tire pressure gauge. Pencil/Stick Tire Pressure Gauge A pencil tire pressure gauge(…)


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