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Tag: Automotive Repair

How to Gap Spark Plugs

Many DIY auto repair mechanics aren’t aware that there is any such thing as gapping a spark plug. Some know about it, but don’t know how to gap spark plugs. Some think it doesn’t matter. At any rate, most people just assume that you buy the plug, put it in, and you’re good. In some cases, this will work. The engine will fire and run just fine. However, your engine is(…)

How To Install A Car Battery

If you ever wondered how to install a car battery, or if you want to do it yourself, we have a quick step-by-step process to help you. You only need a few basic tools, and it may only take about fifteen minutes to do. Learning how to install a car battery is a great start if you’re a beginning DIY auto repair mechanic. Before we show you how to install a(…)

Repair or Replace? When Can a Tire be Repaired?

Find out if your tire can be prepared or if you need to look at new tires for sale. You may have had a flat tire before, brought in into a repair shop to have it fixed and been told that it needed to be replaced. If you’ve ever wondered what makes a tire unrepairable, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has your answers. We’re here to help you figure out if(…)

Adhesives: What is Epoxy?

Epoxy comes in three main types: paint, plastic, and adhesive. These types are all made from polymers that contain epoxides (hence the name “epoxy”). The paint type is used in flooring and coating metal tools and parts to protect them from scuffs, rust, and corrosion. Plastics made from epoxy are strong, resist heat, resist corrosion, and don’t conduct electricity. Epoxy adhesives are particularly useful to the DIY’er, as they can form very(…)

AC: Why Isn’t My Air Conditioning Cold?

Air conditioning (AC) is something we don’t notice in our cars and trucks until it stops working. We’ve all been there: it’s the first warm day of spring and you walk out to your vehicle, ready to crank the AC as cold as it will go, and you’re greeted by a blast of hot air. “This is normal,” you tell yourself, “it usually takes a few minutes.” Five minutes later, it’s(…)

What is Belt Dressing or Belt Conditioner?

Belt dressing, or belt conditioner, is a spray for the rubber belts that are used in cars, trucks, lawn mowers, and tractors. Spraying belt dressing on a belt softens the rubber and keeps it from drying out and slipping. You can use it on lawn mower drive and deck belts, tiller, tractor, and automotive belts to keep them limber and prolong their life. It can also prevent and stop squeaks caused by a slipping(…)


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