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Tire Pressure Monitoring System Types

If you have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in your car or truck, you probably know what it does. You may not know that there are a lot of different types of TPMS, though. Here’s what you need to know. Different types of Tire Pressure Monitoring System There are a few common types of TPMS that auto makers use in their cars and trucks. Knowing what type of system you(…)

What is TPMS?

If you’ve ever bought a set of tires or had a flat tire on your car or truck, you’ve probably had an auto mechanic or automotive clerk ask you if your vehicle has “TPMS.” If you’ve ever wondered what TPMS is, or if you know what it is but just want to know more about it, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has the answers to your questions. TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system)(…)

How to Gap Spark Plugs

Many DIY auto repair mechanics aren’t aware that there is any such thing as gapping a spark plug. Some know about it, but don’t know how to gap spark plugs. Some think it doesn’t matter. At any rate, most people just assume that you buy the plug, put it in, and you’re good. In some cases, this will work. The engine will fire and run just fine. However, your engine is(…)

What is a Catalytic Converter?

A catalytic converter (or “cat”) is the part of your car or truck’s exhaust that takes the pollutants out of your exhaust. Some vehicles have more than one, and diesel cars and trucks has a type of converter that uses diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to cut emissions. How Does a Catalytic Converter Work? When your engine burns fuel, it makes a vapor that’s toxic to the environment. The raw exhaust that comes from your engine carries(…)

Oil Spill Clean-up

If you are a DIY auto repair mechanic, you know that oil finds a way to spill no matter how careful you are. If you’re a beginner in DIY Auto Repair, you’re probably here because you just learned that lesson the hard way. Relax. Blain’s Farm & Fleet will show you how to clean up an oil spill. How To Clean Up an Oil Spill Oil is toxic to the(…)

How To Install A Car Battery

If you ever wondered how to install a car battery, or if you want to do it yourself, we have a quick step-by-step process to help you. You only need a few basic tools, and it may only take about fifteen minutes to do. Learning how to install a car battery is a great start if you’re a beginning DIY auto repair mechanic. Before we show you how to install a(…)

Roadside Safety Tips

Use these roadside safety tips for when you have to handle a roadside emergency. From flat tires to accidents, a roadside emergency can happen to anyone. Knowing what to do when you’re stuck on the side of the road is crucial for staying safe and out of harm’s way. With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can find out some simple roadside safety tips for when your car(…)

What Is Starting Fluid?

Starting fluid is a liquid that contains ether, a highly explosive chemical. Most starting fluid comes in spray cans, and can be used (in very small amounts), to make an engine start when it’s extremely cold out, or if there is a problem with the ignition system that is keeping the engine from firing. If you have a problem with your engine that’s making it hard to start, starting fluid will(…)

Frozen Battery Questions Answered

It’s bad enough when your car or truck doesn’t start, but when you find out your battery is frozen solid, now that’s brutal. When your battery freezes, it usually needs to be replaced. Also a frozen battery is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. When the liquid inside the battery freezes, it can break the electrical connections inside and bend the plates. This lowers the battery’s output, often far enough that the(…)

Driving In Snow

Follow these tips for driving in the snow from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. In the midwest, things can get pretty harsh on our roads during winter. The snow and ice that winter dumps on us can be a hazard to drive in, but driving in snow doesn’t have to be dangerous. Blain’s Farm & Fleet will help you stay safe on snowy roads this winter with all of the products(…)


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