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Construct Your Own Backyard Water Park

Make your own backyard water park with this project from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Why break the bank to watch your kids wait in line at a crowded water park when you can have more fun at home? Stay cool on those scorching hot summer days with your own personal backyard water park. With a few building materials and some creativity, your kids will stay entertained all summer long.

Make Your Own Backyard Water Park
Skip the expensive water park and make your own fun with this easy backyard water park DIY project from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

How to Make a Backyard Water Park:

Kiddie Car Wash – Pick up some 10’ PVC tubing as well as some elbows, tees and a female adapter to attach a hose. With a saw, cut the tubing to your ideal size and then drill small holes where you want the water to spew from. Creatively assemble a structure large enough for your child to walk through. The shape and size of the structure relies completely on your preferences and the space you have available in your yard.

Next, use some heavy duty fishing line to hang giant bone sponges from the top of your PVC structure. Hang a shower curtain at the end of the structure with shower curtain rings. Use scissors to cut the curtain into strips (leave 6-8” at the top so the curtain doesn’t fall apart.) Finally, screw your hose into the female adapter and let the fun begin!

Pop Bottle Sprinkler – Pick up a hose connector and find an old 2 liter pop bottle in your recycling bin. Screw the hose connector onto the end of your hose and screw the pop bottle onto the other end. Poke a few small holes in the bottle, turn your hose on and enjoy your very own backyard sprinkler. Use a “Y” hose connector and double the fun with two bottles!

Slip n’ Slide – Purchase some plastic sheeting, sold by the foot, to make your own slip n’ slide. If you have a hill in your yard, set the sheeting up so it starts at the top of the hill and ends at the bottom. Nail some tent pegs into the plastic sheeting to ensure that your slip n’ slide stays still. Then turn on the hose and let the water run downhill. This will make for one wild ride! Use a Larin inner tube as they are able to endure a lot more action. While regular inner tubes are prone to going flat within a few days, a Larin inner tube can last for years.

Water Guns / Water Balloons – There’s nothing better than a good ole’ fashioned water fight. Pick up some water guns and fill up a few buckets of water balloons. Organize some games like capture the flag or issue prizes for hitting long range targets

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