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Author: Lauren Piek

Ball Canning’s Freezer-Life Storage Guide

Get the best quality with this freezer-life storage guide from Ball and Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Storing your food in the freezer is a great way to preserve your goods for a longer time. Having a guide can help you safely preserve and enjoy all your hard work. According to Ball, these approximate storage times are based upon a freezer temperature of 0°F or lower. Always follower a freezing recipe(…)

How to Close Your Pool for Winter

Learn how to close your pool for the winter with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. After a fun pool season, closing your pool properly will make opening your pool next season much easier. How you close your pool will have a major impact on the ease of spring opening. Following the proper steps and procedures will help you minimize the time and money you spend on opening your pool once spring(…)

How to Choose the Best Rain Boots

Find the best rain boots with these tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Fall can bring any kind of weather, ranging from sunny to stormy and rainy. For those dreary, rainy days, you’ll want to keep your feet dry and warm with a good pair of rain boots. But how do you find the right ones? With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can find the right rain(…)

Don’t Miss Fall Chick Days at Select Blain’s Farm & Fleet Stores

Don’t miss Fall Chick Days at select Blain’s Farm & Fleet stores! Get ready for fall with 2017 Fall Chick Days at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Starting Friday September, 15 you can buy chicks at the following Blain’s Farm & Fleet locations. There are no special orders, limited to quantities on hand. Baraboo, WI Bloomington, IL Elgin, IL Janesville, WI Kankakee, IL La Crosse, WI Moline, IL Ottawa, IL Rice(…)

Early Season Deer Hunting Tactics

Get some early season deer hunting tactics from Blain’s Farm & Fleet and Scent-Lok. Fall is fast-approaching, and that means some early season opportunities for deer hunting. There are plenty of tips, tricks and tactics out there from seasoned hunters. From scouting out the perfect hunting spot to using the right early season hunting equipment, there’s a lot that goes into early season hunting tactics. Scent-Lok and Blain’s Farm &(…)

The Power of DEWALT FLEXVOLT® Power Tools

Learn about the power of DEWALT FLEXVOLT® power tools with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Get the power of corded with the freedom of cordless using DEWALT FLEXVOLT® tools and batteries. With a highly innovative voltage-changing battery and a lineup of groundbreaking 60V MAX* and 120V MAX* tools to match, FLEXVOLT® tools have the power that will change the way work gets done. Learn more with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. FLEXVOLT®(…)

How to Care For Your Western Boots

Learn how to care for your western boots with Dan Post and Blain’s Farm & Fleet. To expand the life of your western boots, you need to give them the proper care. Regularly cleaning your boots to remove dirt and dust, and applying a quality leather conditioner can all help preserve the leather in your boots. Depending on the type of western boots you have, cleaning and care instructions can(…)

Blain’s Farm & Fleet Saves 7th Life with In-Store AED

Rice Lake, WI – Blain’s Farm & Fleet has saved their seventh life as a company through the implementation of in-store AED’s and AED staff training. A recent medical emergency at the Rice Lake store lead to quick-take action by staff and customers resulting in saving another customer’s life. On Friday, September 1st, a Heart Saver Heroes ceremony was held at the Rice Lake store to honor our associates and the(…)

Tips for Driving in Wet Weather

Follow these tips for driving in wet weather from Goodyear and Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Driving in wet weather can be a hassle – and potentially dangerous. It’s important you and your car are prepared for wet and rainy conditions. With these tips from Goodyear and Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can have peace of mind on the road. Get Your Car Ready for Wet Weather Conditions Check Tire Tread(…)

A Buyer’s Guide to Wheelbarrows

Find the best wheelbarrow with the Blain’s Farm & Fleet buyer’s guide. Whether you’re transplanting shrubs or hauling fall leaves around your yard, a wheelbarrow is a good piece of equipment to have in any garden shed or garage. But how do you choose the right one? There are a few differences and key factors to keep in mind when shopping for a quality wheelbarrow. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is(…)


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