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Troubleshooting Your La Crosse Weather Station

Troubleshooting Your La Crosse Weather Station

Below are quick steps from La Crosse Technology to easily fix issues with your wireless weather station. The project pdf also has step by step instructions you can print out and keep by your weather station. If at any time you need further assistance with your product, please contact La Crosse Technology Customer Service at 1-608-782-1610.


Materials Checklist:

  • Duracell "AA" Coppertop Alkaline Battery
    Blain # 034453
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  • Duracell "AAA" Coppertop Alkaline Battery
    Blain # 034472
    View Detail
  • La Crosse Technology Atomic Digital Wall Clock
    Blain # 483839
    View Detail
  • La Crosse Technology Wireless Temperature Station
    Blain # 516104
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  • La Crosse Technology Intelligent Forecast Station
    Blain # 539216
  • La Crosse Technology Wireless Weather Station
    Blain # 546475
  • La Crosse Technology Wireless Temperature Station with Advanced Icon
    Blain # 564664
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  • La Crosse Technology WS-7017 Wireless Forecast Station
    Blain # 575280
  • La Crosse Technology Color Forecast Station
    Blain # 575283
  • La Crosse Technology Internet Powered 4 - Day Weather Forecaster
    Blain # 615269
  • La Crosse Technology Wireless Forecast Station
    Blain # 646064
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  • La Crosse Technology Projection Atomic Alarm Clock
    Blain # 665436
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  • La Crosse Technology Wireless Temperature Station Combo
    Blain # 677675
  • La Crosse Technology LCD Window Thermometer
    Blain # 686778
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  • La Crosse Technology Solar Powered Wireless Humidity / Temperature Station
    Blain # 686779
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  • La Crosse Technology Solar Temperature Station
    Blain # 686784
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  • La Crosse Technology Solar Garden Thermometer
    Blain # 686785
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  1. Batteries are the #1 warranty for these units. Please be sure you are using name brand alkaline batteries dated at least 7 years in advance or testing to 1.48 on a voltmeter that reads in numbers. The problem could simply be that one or both units could need the batteries re-placed.
  2. Bring both units inside and have the units 3-5 feet apart with nothing between them. Remove all power from both units. Press one of the buttons on the display at least 20 times to clear all memory. Verify that the display is blank before proceeding.
  3. Let the all units sit with batteries out for 10 minutes. Be sure to use new batteries. Place them back into the remote sensor; making sure they are installed according to the diagrams in the battery compartment.
  4. Next, taking care not to press any buttons, reinstall new batteries in the display according to the diagram in the battery compartment. Install the batteries in the outdoor unit first. Follow polarity diagram to ensure proper installation.
  5. Do not press any buttons for at least 15 minutes after installing the batteries. A reading on the outdoor units' temperature area should appear fairly soon after new batteries are installed. Keep units no more than 5 feet apart during this time to the units are able to establish a good connection. The temperature should be showing on your display. You can now put your sensor back outside.
  6. Some additional problems for your weather station may be addressed by the below troubleshooting techniques:
  7. Alarms: Turning alarms off generally requires pressing the alarm button until the Alarm icon (( )) disappears. If all else fails, remove all power and press any button 20 times. Most units default to alarms being off.
  8. WWVB signal: It is not unusual to take as long as 3-5 days to pick up the WWVB signal depending on various factors including your location and atmospheric conditions.
  9. Time Zone: You will have to be sure you are in the correct time zone during set up. All US Time Zones are negative numbers. Ex: -4 Atlantic, -5 Eastern, -6 Central, -7 Mountain, -8 Pacific, -9 Alaskan, -10 Hawaiian. Is your DST indicator ON or OFF (1 on, 0 off on some units). If this is OFF or 0 your clock or weather station will not change. If your Clock or Weather Station has RCC in the SET UP.
  10. Put the Clock or Weather Station in a window (with the front or back) facing Ft. Collins, Colorado and leave overnight. If you do not have a window facing this direction, locate the Clock or Weather Station near an outside wall and point the unit in this general direction.
  11. Check it in the morning. If the Clock or Weather Station shows the correct time, you have successfully connected to the atomic clock. If the time is still incorrect allow the device 3-4 more nights to set correctly. If after a total of 5 nights the time is still incorrect, please e-mail support at or call 1-608-782-1610 for further assistance.
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