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How to Install a Motion Activated Security Light

How to Install a Motion Activated Security Light

Outdoor lights that are automatically activated by motion detectors can solve all these problems—and others. They’ll automatically come on to light up the kids who cut through the yard or the intruder on the deck, and they’ll even expose the furry critter that’s been raiding your garbage can. Let Designer's Edge help you install your motion sensor lights with this step by step project.


Materials Checklist:

  • Philips Screwdriver
    Blain # 493325
  • Flathead Screwdriver
    Blain # 493352
  • Silicone Caulk
    Blain # 432355
    View Detail
  • Ladder
    Blain # 333226
    View Detail
  • Bulbs for your fixture
    Blain # 596123
  • Wire Nuts
  • Wire Connectors
    Blain # 236878
  • Wire Cutters
    Blain # 298258
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  • Wire Strippers
    Blain # 298258
    View Detail
  • Outdoor Lighting Flood Lights
    Blain # 452149


  1. Always turn off the main power at the circuit breaker before installing the fixture, in order to prevent possible shock.
  2. Choice of Location- Whenever possible, locate the unit so that its coverage area is away from heat sources or reflective surfaces, such as heating vents, air conditioners, large moving trees or pools of water. Whenever possible, locate the unit so the motion moves across the coverage area, not directly towards or away from the motion sensor.
  3. If possible, try to find a fixture already mounted on a wall. It may be mounted onto a standard recessed outlet box or a wet location/outdoor outlet box. For easy installation, replace an existing light fixture that is already connected to a wall switch.
  4. There is no serviceable part inside the motion sensor. DO NOT try to repair or disassemble the unit. Doing so could cause damage to the unit or possible electrical shock to the user. If you are not sure about the installation, CONSULT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN.
  5. Install the mounting bracket using two provided mounting screws to the outlet box. This will be a straight piece with cut outs on both sides of a center threaded hole.
  6. Connect the outlet box wires and the fixture wires together. White to White and Black to Black. Be sure to feed the fixture supply wires through the foam gasket. Secure those together using wire connectors. Be sure to connect the fixture to standard 120V, 60 HZ house/building wiring. Attach the power supply ground wire from the outlet box, and the fixture ground wire together using wire nut.
  7. Feed the rubber ring onto the fixture mounting screw. Make sure all connections are secured. Carefully pack all of the wires into the outlet box and place the fixture against the mounting bracket, allowing the fixture mounting screw to pass through the canopy hole. Secure the fixture by tightening the fixture mounting screw.
  8. To protect against rain, caulk the head of the fixture mounting screw and the sides of the canopy with a suitable silicone compound.
  9. Position lamps to cover the area you want lit. Put bulbs into fixture. Make sure bulbs are the correct wattage for your fixture.
  10. LED bulb will light on motion sensor when power is turned on and fixture is wired correctly.
  11. Setting your Motion Sensor: Position motion sensor in the direction you are wanting coverage. Beware not place behind trees or near heat sources.
  12. At dusk, the motion detector turns on your lights automatically after sensing movement in its coverage area, and stays on as long as motion is detected. When motion stops light will remain on a predetermined time (1, 5, or 10 minutes), and then turn off automatically.
  13. There are 3 dials on your motion sensor. a. Sensitivity: You can adjust the sensitivity of your motion detector. NOTE: Sensitivity set too high may increase the chance of false triggering. b. Time: You can adjust the length of time your fixture stays on after detecting motion. c. Daylight: You can adjust the time your motion detector starts working.
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