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Electric Smoker vs. Propane Smoker

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Smoking adds a great flavor to your food that you can’t get from a grill or an oven. Different types and styles of smokers offer unique features that cater to certain preferences. Learn what to look for when choosing a smoker that best suits your needs!


Purchasing a smoker can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. While you are looking forward to enjoying that delicious smoky flavor, you may be confused as to which type of smoker best fits your needs. Here is a simple guide to choosing a great smoker.

Electric Smoker

This electrically operated smoker is best for those who prefer convenience. You can cook your food faster with an electric smoker but it doesn't always produce the best smoky flavor. While you still use woodchips for flavoring, charcoal smokers tend to provide the most authentic flavor. Also, this smoker is not portable as it needs to be plugged into an outlet. Electric smokers come in both analogue and digital styles. Analogue electric smokers come with an adjustable thermostat dial to set the temperature and digital electric smokers have a digital screen with push buttons to set the temperature. This is great if you want to avoid the hassle of preparing charcoal.

Propane Smoker

Propane smokers are a great alternative to electric smokers as you never have to worry about losing electricity and spoiling your meat. Since you don’t have to plug them in, you can smoke food wherever you want. Propane smokers also provide a great smoky flavor in comparison to an electric smoker. Similar to a grill with a propane tank, they are more convenient than a smoker that uses charcoal. Propane smokers are also similar to a propane grill in that they include push button ignition and a built in temperature gauge.

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